Winter - Winter Equinox

The winter season in the USA comprises December, January and February. Usually, it starts from December 21st and ends on March 20th. In this season the days are shorter and nights are longer and also the temperature drops significantly. This usually comes after the fall season and before the spring season. Its effects are seen more in the regions of north, northeast, northwest and Great Plains where one can experience cold weather, little daylight and snow falls while winter is very mild in the southern regions of the United States.

Most people like the winter season because of the food eaten in this season where you can easily get many varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. In this winter season, people can enjoy various activities such as snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

Winter season is typically associated with holidays, celebrations and festivities. Christmas and new year celebrations occur during the winter season. During winter season, people enjoy winter holidays when they not only celebrate varied festivals but also try to explore unique places by scheduling exciting trips there. They rejuvenate themselves by having lots of fun and other entertainment during this period.

Winter is a lovely season with lots of challenges as well as delights. It's a time to enjoy the wonders of nature, spend time with loved ones and prioritize self-care.

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