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This is an online Electricity conversion tool which provides conversion factors between various commonly used units of Electricity measurement. To use this Electricity conversion tool, enter Electricity "Form" field that you want to convert into other units of Electricity and select other units from given Electricity to in which you wish to convert. The results will be displayed instantly.

This Electricity conversion tool consists of following common area units: square centimeter (cm2), square meter (m2), hectare (ha), square kilometer (km2), square inch (in2), square feet/foot (ft2), square yard (yd2), square mile (mi2) and acre (ac).



Other Unit Conversion

1 Coulomb (Cb) = 10 Abcoulomb
coulomb(Cb) to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
coulomb(Cb) to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
coulomb(Cb) to faraday,   faraday to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
coulomb(Cb) to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
coulomb(Cb) to millifaraday,   millifaraday to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
coulomb(Cb) to microfaraday,   microfaraday to coulomb(Cb)
1 Coulomb (Cb) = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
coulomb(Cb) to picofaraday,   picofaraday to coulomb(Cb)
1 Abcoulomb = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
abcoulomb to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
abcoulomb to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
abcoulomb to faraday,   faraday to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
abcoulomb to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
abcoulomb to millifaraday,   millifaraday to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
abcoulomb to microfaraday,   microfaraday to abcoulomb
1 Abcoulomb = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
abcoulomb to picofaraday,   picofaraday to abcoulomb
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
ampere per hour to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 10 Abcoulomb
ampere per hour to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
ampere per hour to faraday,   faraday to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
ampere per hour to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
ampere per hour to millifaraday,   millifaraday to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
ampere per hour to microfaraday,   microfaraday to ampere per hour
1 Ampere hour (A hr) = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
ampere per hour to picofaraday,   picofaraday to ampere per hour
1 Faraday (F) = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
faraday to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = 10 Abcoulomb
faraday to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
faraday to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
faraday to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
faraday to millifaraday,   millifaraday to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
faraday to microfaraday,   microfaraday to faraday
1 Faraday (F) = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
faraday to picofaraday,   picofaraday to faraday
1 Statcoulomb = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
statcoulomb to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 10 Abcoulomb
statcoulomb to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
statcoulomb to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
statcoulomb to faraday,   faraday to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
statcoulomb to millifaraday,   millifaraday to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
statcoulomb to microfaraday,   microfaraday to statcoulomb
1 Statcoulomb = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
statcoulomb to picofaraday,   picofaraday to statcoulomb
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
millifaraday to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 10 Abcoulomb
millifaraday to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
millifaraday to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
millifaraday to faraday,   faraday to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
millifaraday to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
millifaraday to microfaraday,   microfaraday to millifaraday
1 Millifaraday (mF) = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
millifaraday to picofaraday,   picofaraday to millifaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
microfaraday to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 10 Abcoulomb
microfaraday to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
microfaraday to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
microfaraday to faraday,   faraday to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
microfaraday to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
microfaraday to millifaraday,   millifaraday to microfaraday
1 Microfaraday (mu-F) = 9.65219E-05 Picofaraday (pF)
microfaraday to picofaraday,   picofaraday to microfaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 1 Coulomb (Cb)
picofaraday to coulomb(Cb),   coulomb(Cb) to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 10 Abcoulomb
picofaraday to abcoulomb,   abcoulomb to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 3600 Ampere hour (A hr)
picofaraday to ampere per hour,   ampere per hour to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 96521.8999999997 Faraday (F)
picofaraday to faraday,   faraday to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = .000000000333564 Statcoulomb
picofaraday to statcoulomb,   statcoulomb to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 96.5219 Millifaraday (mF)
picofaraday to millifaraday,   millifaraday to picofaraday
1 Picofaraday (pF) = 9.65219E-02 Microfaraday (mu-F)
picofaraday to microfaraday,   microfaraday to picofaraday