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UTM to Lat Long geographic tool provides you a facility to get lat long from a given UTM. To get accurate Lat Long from UTM, enter accurate UTM coordinates. Also, find GPS coordinates for the given address, it will be calculated and display as below.

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563123, India13.3684378.07141
563123, India13.3991478.05153
563123, India13.4192478.14571
563123, India13.5213578.16474
563123, India13.5227178.17824
563123, India13.5227178.17824
563123, India13.5960878.18196
Navajo County, Az, Usa36.73374-110.50505
Navajo County, Az, Usa36.73374-110.50505
Tuan Forest Qld 4650, Australia-25.76323152.88960
Adrar Province, Algeria-66.1961156.90893
Adrar Province, Algeria23.8740465.61020
Adrar Province, Algeria23.87404-0.38980
Soto La Marina, Tamps., Mexico23.6155076.03413
Soto La Marina, Tamps., Mexico23.6155076.03413
Soto La Marina, Tamps., Mexico23.61550-97.96587
Cantá State Of Roraima, 69390 000, Brazil2.12684-60.63721
Al Jahra Governorate, Kuwait30.0487147.48444
Al Humiyat Saudi Arabia23.0738342.89232
Democratic Republic Of The Congo-0.2784926.38050