Current Local Time in Vostok

Vostok, AntarcticaAntarctica   


Dial Code:


Country Lat / long:

-75.250973 South / -0.071389 East

City Lat / long:

-78.46628416 South / 106.8000337 East

Currency / Currency Code:



Vladivostok International Airport
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New York

Nearest Airport to Vostok, Antarctica

Airport NameDistanceLatLongICAOCodeIATACode

Nearest Countries to Vostok, Antarctica

Near By CountryCapitalDistance to Antarctica
Bouvet Island2320 km
South Georgia And South Sandwich IslandsKing Edward Point2789 km

Nearest Cities to Vostok, Antarctica

Near By CityDistance to Vostok
Concordia Research Station612 km