World Time Zone Abbreviations List - Time Zones Abbreviation in Europe Region

List of Time Zones Abbreviation Europe Region

List of Time Zone names with their abbreviations, UTC Offset and its location for Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time (DST) across the world.

AbbreviationTime Zone NameOffset
BDSTBritish Daylight Saving TimeUTC +1
BDTBritish Daylight TimeUTC +1
BSTBritish Summer Time UTC +1
CESTCentral European Summer Time UTC +2
CETCentral European Time UTC +1
EESTEastern European Summer Time UTC +3
EETEastern European Time UTC +2
FETFurther-Eastern European TimeUTC +3
GMTGreenwich Mean Time UTC +0
ISTIrish Summer TimeUTC +1
ISTIrish Standard Time UTC +1
KUYTKuybyshev Time UTC +4
MSDMoscow Daylight Time UTC +4
MSKMoscow Standard Time UTC +3
SAMSTSamara Summer TimeUTC +4
SAMTSamara Time UTC +4
SAMTSamara Standard TimeUTC +4
WESTWestern European Summer Time UTC +1
WETWestern European Time UTC +0