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Federal & Popular Holidays in United States 2024

DayDateHoliday Holiday Type
MondayJanuary 01 2024New Year's DayFederal Holiday
SaturdayJanuary 06 2024Epiphany Christian
SundayJanuary 07 2024Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox
FridayJanuary 12 2024Lee-jackson Day State Holiday
SaturdayJanuary 13 2024Stephen Foster Memorial Day Observance
SundayJanuary 14 2024Orthodox New Year Orthodox
MondayJanuary 15 2024Idaho Human Rights Day State Holiday
MondayJanuary 15 2024Civil Rights Day State Holiday
MondayJanuary 15 2024Martin Luther King Jr. DayFederal Holiday
FridayJanuary 19 2024Robert E. Lee's Birthday State Holiday
ThursdayJanuary 25 2024Tu Bishvat/tu B'shevat Jewish Holiday
MondayJanuary 29 2024Kansas Day Observance
ThursdayFebruary 01 2024National Freedom Day Observance
FridayFebruary 02 2024Groundhog Day Observance
FridayFebruary 02 2024National Wear Red Day Observance
SundayFebruary 04 2024Super Bowl Sporting Event
WednesdayFebruary 07 2024Isra And Mi'raj Muslim
SaturdayFebruary 10 2024Chinese New Year Observance
MondayFebruary 12 2024Lincoln's Birthday Local Observance
TuesdayFebruary 13 2024Shrove Tuesday/mardi Gras Observance, Christian
WednesdayFebruary 14 2024Valentine's Day Observance
WednesdayFebruary 14 2024Ash Wednesday Christian
ThursdayFebruary 15 2024Susan B. Anthony's Birthday Local Observance
FridayFebruary 16 2024Elizabeth Peratrovich Day Local Observance
MondayFebruary 19 2024Daisy Gatson Bates Day State Holiday
WednesdayFebruary 28 2024Linus Pauling Day Local Observance
FridayMarch 01 2024St. David's Day Observance, Christian
FridayMarch 01 2024Read Across America Day Observance
FridayMarch 01 2024Employee Appreciation Day Observance
SaturdayMarch 02 2024Texas Independence Day State Holiday
TuesdayMarch 05 2024Town Meeting Day State Holiday
SundayMarch 10 2024Daylight Saving Time Starts Clock Change/daylight Saving Time
MondayMarch 11 2024Ramadan Starts Muslim
SundayMarch 17 2024St. Patrick's Day Observance, Christian
TuesdayMarch 19 2024March Equinox Season
SundayMarch 24 2024Palm Sunday Christian
SundayMarch 24 2024Purim Jewish Holiday
MondayMarch 25 2024Maryland Day Local Observance
MondayMarch 25 2024Seward's Day State Holiday
TuesdayMarch 26 2024Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day State Holiday
ThursdayMarch 28 2024Maundy Thursday Christian
FridayMarch 29 2024National Vietnam War Veterans Day Observance
SaturdayMarch 30 2024Holy Saturday Christian
SundayMarch 31 2024Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
MondayApril 01 2024Easter Monday Observance, Christian
TuesdayApril 02 2024Pascua Florida Day Local Observance
FridayApril 05 2024Lailat Al-qadr Muslim
SaturdayApril 06 2024National Tartan Day Observance
TuesdayApril 09 2024National Library Workers' Day Observance
WednesdayApril 10 2024Eid Al-fitr Muslim
SaturdayApril 13 2024Thomas Jefferson's Birthday Observance
MondayApril 15 2024Patriot's Day State Holiday
MondayApril 15 2024Boston Marathon Sporting Event
MondayApril 15 2024Tax Day Observance
MondayApril 15 2024Father Damien Day Local Observance
SundayApril 21 2024San Jacinto Day State Holiday
MondayApril 22 2024Oklahoma Day Local Observance
TuesdayApril 23 2024Passover (first Day) Jewish Holiday
WednesdayApril 24 2024Administrative Professionals Day Observance
ThursdayApril 25 2024Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day Observance
FridayApril 26 2024Arbor Day State Holiday
FridayApril 26 2024Confederate Heroes' Day Local Observance
TuesdayApril 30 2024Last Day Of Passover Jewish Holiday
WednesdayMay 01 2024Law Day Observance
WednesdayMay 01 2024Loyalty Day Observance
WednesdayMay 01 2024Lei Day Local Observance
ThursdayMay 02 2024National Day Of Prayer Observance
FridayMay 03 2024Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox
FridayMay 03 2024Kentucky Oaks Sporting Event
SaturdayMay 04 2024Kentucky Derby Sporting Event
SaturdayMay 04 2024Rhode Island Independence Day Local Observance
SaturdayMay 04 2024National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (eod) Day Observance
SaturdayMay 04 2024Orthodox Holy Saturday Orthodox
SaturdayMay 04 2024Kent State Shootings Remembrance Local Observance
SundayMay 05 2024Orthodox Easter Orthodox
SundayMay 05 2024Cinco De Mayo Observance
MondayMay 06 2024Yom Hashoah Jewish Commemoration
MondayMay 06 2024Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox
MondayMay 06 2024National Nurses Day Observance
WednesdayMay 08 2024Victory In Europe Day Observance
WednesdayMay 08 2024Truman Day State Holiday
ThursdayMay 09 2024Ascension Day Christian
FridayMay 10 2024Confederate Memorial Day State Holiday
FridayMay 10 2024Military Spouse Appreciation Day Observance
SundayMay 12 2024Mother's Day Observance
TuesdayMay 14 2024Yom Ha'atzmaut Jewish Holiday
TuesdayMay 14 2024Primary Election Day State Holiday
WednesdayMay 15 2024Peace Officers Memorial Day Observance
FridayMay 17 2024National Defense Transportation Day Observance
SaturdayMay 18 2024Armed Forces Day Observance
SaturdayMay 18 2024Preakness Stakes Sporting Event
SundayMay 19 2024Pentecost Christian
MondayMay 20 2024Whit Monday Christian
WednesdayMay 22 2024National Maritime Day Observance
WednesdayMay 22 2024Harvey Milk Day Local Observance
WednesdayMay 22 2024Emergency Medical Services For Children Day Observance
SaturdayMay 25 2024National Missing Children's Day Observance
SundayMay 26 2024Lag Baomer Jewish Holiday
SundayMay 26 2024Trinity Sunday Christian
MondayMay 27 2024Memorial DayFederal Holiday
ThursdayMay 30 2024Corpus Christi Christian
SaturdayJune 01 2024Statehood Day Local Observance
MondayJune 03 2024Jefferson Davis' Birthday State Holiday
ThursdayJune 06 2024D-day Observance
SaturdayJune 08 2024Belmont Stakes Sporting Event
TuesdayJune 11 2024Kamehameha Day State Holiday
WednesdayJune 12 2024Shavuot Jewish Holiday
FridayJune 14 2024Flag Day Observance
FridayJune 14 2024Army Birthday Observance
SundayJune 16 2024Father's Day Observance
SundayJune 16 2024Bunker Hill Day Local Observance
MondayJune 17 2024Eid Al-adha Muslim
WednesdayJune 19 2024Juneteenth Local Observance
ThursdayJune 20 2024June Solstice Season
ThursdayJune 20 2024West Virginia Day State Holiday
ThursdayJune 20 2024American Eagle Day Observance
ThursdayJuly 04 2024Independence DayFederal Holiday
MondayJuly 08 2024Muharram Muslim
SaturdayJuly 13 2024Nathan Bedford Forrest Day Local Observance
SundayJuly 14 2024Bastille Day Observance
WednesdayJuly 24 2024Pioneer Day State Holiday
SaturdayJuly 27 2024National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Observance
SundayJuly 28 2024Parents' Day Observance
ThursdayAugust 01 2024Colorado Day Local Observance
SundayAugust 04 2024Coast Guard Birthday Observance
WednesdayAugust 07 2024Purple Heart Day Observance
MondayAugust 12 2024Victory Day State Holiday
TuesdayAugust 13 2024Tisha B'av Jewish Holiday
ThursdayAugust 15 2024Assumption Of Mary Christian
FridayAugust 16 2024Bennington Battle Day State Holiday
FridayAugust 16 2024Hawaii Statehood Day State Holiday
MondayAugust 19 2024National Aviation Day Observance
WednesdayAugust 21 2024Senior Citizens Day Observance
MondayAugust 26 2024Women's Equality Day Observance
TuesdayAugust 27 2024Lyndon Baines Johnson Day State Holiday
MondaySeptember 02 2024Labor DayFederal Holiday
SaturdaySeptember 07 2024Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Observance
SundaySeptember 08 2024National Grandparents Day Observance
MondaySeptember 09 2024California Admission Day Local Observance
WednesdaySeptember 11 2024Patriot Day Observance
MondaySeptember 16 2024The Prophet's Birthday Muslim
TuesdaySeptember 17 2024Constitution Day And Citizenship Day Observance
WednesdaySeptember 18 2024Air Force Birthday Observance
FridaySeptember 20 2024National Pow/mia Recognition Day Observance
SundaySeptember 22 2024September Equinox Season
SundaySeptember 22 2024Emancipation Day Local Observance
FridaySeptember 27 2024Native American Day Local Observance
SundaySeptember 29 2024Gold Star Mother's Day Observance
ThursdayOctober 03 2024Rosh Hashana Jewish Holiday
FridayOctober 04 2024Feast Of St Francis Of Assisi Christian
MondayOctober 07 2024Child Health Day Observance
WednesdayOctober 09 2024Leif Erikson Day Observance
SaturdayOctober 12 2024Yom Kippur Jewish Holiday
SundayOctober 13 2024Navy Birthday Observance
MondayOctober 14 2024Columbus Day Local Observance
MondayOctober 14 2024Native Americans' Day Local Observance
TuesdayOctober 15 2024White Cane Safety Day Observance
WednesdayOctober 16 2024Boss's Day Observance
ThursdayOctober 17 2024First Day Of Sukkot Jewish Holiday
FridayOctober 18 2024Alaska Day State Holiday
SaturdayOctober 19 2024Sweetest Day Observance
WednesdayOctober 23 2024Last Day Of Sukkot Jewish Holiday
ThursdayOctober 24 2024Shmini Atzeret Jewish Holiday
FridayOctober 25 2024Simchat Torah Jewish Holiday
FridayOctober 25 2024Nevada Day State Holiday
ThursdayOctober 31 2024Halloween Observance
FridayNovember 01 2024All Saints' Day Christian
SaturdayNovember 02 2024All Souls' Day Christian
SundayNovember 03 2024Daylight Saving Time Ends Clock Change/daylight Saving Time
SundayNovember 03 2024New York City Marathon Sporting Event
TuesdayNovember 05 2024Election Day Observance
SundayNovember 10 2024Marine Corps Birthday Observance
MondayNovember 11 2024Veterans DayFederal Holiday
ThursdayNovember 28 2024Thanksgiving DayFederal Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Lincoln's Birthday/lincoln's Day State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024American Indian Heritage Day State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Day After Thanksgiving State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Family Day State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024State Holiday State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Acadian Day State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Presidents' Day State Holiday
FridayNovember 29 2024Black Friday Observance
SundayDecember 01 2024First Sunday Of Advent Christian
SundayDecember 01 2024Rosa Parks Day Local Observance
MondayDecember 02 2024Cyber Monday Observance
FridayDecember 06 2024St Nicholas Day Observance
SaturdayDecember 07 2024Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Observance
SundayDecember 08 2024Feast Of The Immaculate Conception Christian
ThursdayDecember 12 2024Feast Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Christian
FridayDecember 13 2024National Guard Birthday Observance
SundayDecember 15 2024Bill Of Rights Day Observance
TuesdayDecember 17 2024Pan American Aviation Day Observance
TuesdayDecember 17 2024Wright Brothers Day Observance
SaturdayDecember 21 2024December Solstice Season
TuesdayDecember 24 2024Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
WednesdayDecember 25 2024Christmas DayFederal Holiday
ThursdayDecember 26 2024Chanukah/hanukkah (first Day) Jewish Holiday
ThursdayDecember 26 2024Kwanzaa (first Day) Observance
ThursdayDecember 26 2024Day After Christmas Day State Holiday
TuesdayDecember 31 2024New Year's Eve State Holiday