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Public Holiday in Taiwan 2023

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Holidays and Observances in Taiwan 2023

DayDateHoliday Holiday Type
SundayJanuary 01 2023Republic Day/new Year's Day National Holiday
MondayJanuary 02 2023Republic Day/new Year's Day Observed National Holiday
SaturdayJanuary 21 2023Chinese New Year's Eve National Holiday
SundayJanuary 22 2023Chinese New Year's Day National Holiday
MondayJanuary 23 2023Chinese New Year Holiday National Holiday
SaturdayFebruary 04 2023Farmer's Day Observance
SundayFebruary 05 2023Tourism Day Observance
SundayFebruary 05 2023Lantern Festival Observance
TuesdayFebruary 21 2023Earth God's Birthday Observance
TuesdayFebruary 28 2023Peace Memorial Day National Holiday
WednesdayMarch 08 2023International Women's Day Observance
FridayMarch 10 2023Kuan Yin's Birthday Observance
SundayMarch 12 2023Arbor Day Observance
TuesdayMarch 21 2023March Equinox Season
WednesdayMarch 29 2023Youth Day Observance
TuesdayApril 04 2023Children's Day National Holiday
WednesdayApril 05 2023Tomb Sweeping Day National Holiday
SundayApril 09 2023Easter Sunday Observance
MondayMay 01 2023Labor Day Private Sector
ThursdayMay 04 2023Literary Day Observance
ThursdayMay 04 2023God Of Medicine's Birthday Observance
FridayMay 12 2023Matsu's Birthday Observance
SundayMay 14 2023Mother's Day Observance
FridayMay 26 2023Buddha's Birthday Observance
SaturdayJune 03 2023Opium Suppression Movement Day Observance
WednesdayJune 21 2023June Solstice Season
ThursdayJune 22 2023Dragon Boat Festival National Holiday
FridayJune 30 2023Chen Huang's Birthday Observance
FridayJune 30 2023Kuan Kung's Birthday Observance
TuesdayAugust 08 2023Father's Day Observance
TuesdayAugust 22 2023Chinese Valentine's Day Observance
WednesdayAugust 30 2023Hungry Ghost Festival Observance
SundaySeptember 03 2023Armed Forces Day Observance
SaturdaySeptember 23 2023September Equinox Season
ThursdaySeptember 28 2023Teachers' Day Observance
FridaySeptember 29 2023Mid-autumn Festival National Holiday
TuesdayOctober 10 2023National Day National Holiday
SaturdayOctober 21 2023Overseas Chinese Day Observance
MondayOctober 23 2023Double Ninth Day Observance
WednesdayOctober 25 2023Taiwan's Retrocession Day Observance
TuesdayOctober 31 2023Halloween Observance
SundayNovember 12 2023Sun Yat-sen's Birthday Observance
FridayDecember 22 2023December Solstice Season
FridayDecember 22 2023D?ngzhi Festival Observance
MondayDecember 25 2023Christmas Day Observance
MondayDecember 25 2023Constitution Day Observance