Indian Codes

Jalgaon District, Maharashtra

Find accurate and updated PIN or ZIP code of post office in , Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India from below list. Find pin or zip code for post office.

PIN code or Postal Index Number (PIN) is the number given to each post office by India Post or Indian Postal Service.

The PIN code is 6 digits long. First digit indicates the region, second digit indicates sub-region and third indicates the district. The last three digits refer to delivery post office.

Jalgaon Post Offices and Pincodes

Post OfficeDistrict NamePincode
Abhoda B.oJalgaon425508
Achegaon B.oJalgaon425305
Adavad S.oJalgaon425303
Adgaon B.oJalgaon425107
Adgaon B.oJalgaon425110
Adgaon B.oJalgaon425111
Adgaon B.oJalgaon425302
Ahirwadi B.oJalgaon425508
Ainpur B.oJalgaon425507
Ajnad B.oJalgaon425508
Akhatwade B.oJalgaon424104
Akulkheda S.oJalgaon425108
Amadade B.oJalgaon424105
Amalgaon S.oJalgaon425420
Amalner Pratap Nagar S.oJalgaon425401
Amalner S.o (jalgaon)Jalgaon425401
Amba Pimpri B.oJalgaon425401
Amoda B.oJalgaon425002
Amoda B.oJalgaon425524
Anjale B.oJalgaon425304
Anjanvihire B.oJalgaon424105
Anjanvihire B.oJalgaon425103
Anturli - Ii B.oJalgaon424201
Anturli -- Iii B.oJalgaon424201
Anturli --i B.oJalgaon424201
Anturli B.oJalgaon425306
Anwarde K H B.oJalgaon425108
Asankheda B.oJalgaon425115
Asoda S.oJalgaon425101
Atraval B.oJalgaon425301