Indian Codes

Dausa District, Rajasthan

Find accurate and updated PIN or ZIP code of post office in , Dausa, Rajasthan, India from below list. Find pin or zip code for post office.

PIN code or Postal Index Number (PIN) is the number given to each post office by India Post or Indian Postal Service.

The PIN code is 6 digits long. First digit indicates the region, second digit indicates sub-region and third indicates the district. The last three digits refer to delivery post office.

Dausa Post Offices and Pincodes

Post OfficeDistrict NamePincode
Abhaneri B.oDausa303326
Achalpura B.oDausa303502
Aliapara B.oDausa303315
Alipur B.oDausa303315
Alooda B.oDausa303303
Amrabad B.oDausa303510
Ananantwada B.oDausa303313
Ancheri B.oDausa303323
Arniya B.oDausa303313
Aund Meena B.oDausa322240
Bada Bujurg B.oDausa322240
Bada Gaon B.oDausa303303
Bada Gaon B.oDausa322240
Badial Kalan B.oDausa303313
Badiyal Khurd B.oDausa303313
Badoli B.oDausa303325
Bagdi B.oDausa303503
Bahnwata-bhanwati B.oDausa303325
Balahedi B.oDausa321608
Balahera B.oDausa303315
Banawar B.oDausa321609
Bandikui Jagir B.oDausa303313
Bandikui Mandi S.oDausa303313
Bandikui S.oDausa303313
Bane Ka Barkhera B.oDausa303304
Baniyana B.oDausa303303
Banskho S.oDausa303305
Bapi B.oDausa303507
Barkhera B.oDausa321613
Baswa S.o (dausa)Dausa303327