Indian Codes

Baran District, Rajasthan

Find accurate and updated PIN or ZIP code of post office in , Baran, Rajasthan, India from below list. Find pin or zip code for post office.

PIN code or Postal Index Number (PIN) is the number given to each post office by India Post or Indian Postal Service.

The PIN code is 6 digits long. First digit indicates the region, second digit indicates sub-region and third indicates the district. The last three digits refer to delivery post office.

Baran Post Offices and Pincodes

Post OfficeDistrict NamePincode
Agar B.oBaran325217
Ajnawar B.oBaran325221
Anatana B.oBaran325218
Anta Gas Power Project Anta S.oBaran325209
Anta S.oBaran325202
Ardan B.oBaran325218
Asnawar B.oBaran325215
Atone S.oBaran325223
Atru S.oBaran325218
Badan B.oBaran325222
Badgaon B.oBaran325206
Badipura B.oBaran325216
Badora B.oBaran325223
Badwa B.oBaran325209
Bajrang Garh B.oBaran325216
Balda B.oBaran325216
Baldarah B.oBaran325206
Bamangaon B.oBaran325217
Bamla B.oBaran325205
Bamolia Kalan B.oBaran325209
Bamori B.oBaran325223
Bamori Kalan B.oBaran325215
Bamorighata B.oBaran325221
Banjari B.oBaran325221
Bansthuni B.oBaran325216
Bapcha B.oBaran325220
Baran Mdg S.oBaran325205
Barana B.oBaran325205
Barlan B.oBaran325218
Baroni B.oBaran325216