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New Year Day in United Kingdom in 2022

When is New Year Day?

Every year, January 1st is observed as a public holiday to celebrate the advent of a New Year. The celebration starts a day before, on the New Year’s Eve, by cracking fireworks and playing music in different public gatherings and people party very hard all night long. Large cities London, Birmingham and Liverpool host a variety of fun filled activities which are often telecasted as well. On this holiday people celebrate by cracking fireworks and throwing parties throughout the night. People countdown to welcome the New Year by taking various new year resolutions like stop smoking, drinking and getting more disciplined in the year to come.

New Year Day in United Kingdom in 2022

In Gregorian calendar system, January 1 is marked as the beginning of a new year. In spite of the fact that this system was initially not accepted everywhere in the world, but now the New Year’s Day is widely celebrated on this very same day.

Different countries have different cultures and food habits but no matter how diverse their cultures are, people love to start the day by preparing tasty cuisines and meeting their loved ones by exchanging good wishes.

New Year Day in United Kingdom in 2022

List of Holidays in United Kingdom in 2022

SaturdayJanuary 01 2022New Year's Day
MondayJanuary 03 2022New Year's Day Observed
MondayJanuary 03 2022New Year's Day Holiday
FridayApril 15 2022Good Friday
MondayApril 18 2022Easter Monday
MondayMay 02 2022Early May Bank Holiday
MondayMay 30 2022Spring Bank Holiday
MondayAugust 01 2022Summer Bank Holiday
MondayAugust 29 2022Summer Bank Holiday
SundayDecember 25 2022Christmas Day
MondayDecember 26 2022Boxing Day
TuesdayDecember 27 2022Substitute Bank Holiday For Christmas Day