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Christmas Day in United Kingdom in 2022

When is Christmas Day?

Christmas is one of the most famous festivals commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is, according to the Christian religion, the son of God. Christmas falls on 25th December every year which is celebrated by Christians all over the world. As it is a public holiday general offices, business houses, shops and schools remain closed this day.

Christmas day in United Kingdom in 2022

Christmas word comes from joining of 'Christ' and 'Mass' i.e. Mass of Christ meaning holy festival of Christ. Christmas is a festival that spreads joy, happiness and love in people's life. The first incidence of celebrating Christmas was by the Roman Empire in 336 when Roman Emperor was Constantine.

On Christmas day, lots of cultural and religious celebrations take place and billions of people enjoy this festival around the world. People greet each other with the phrase 'Merry Christmas'. Christmas celebrations include giving gifts, visiting church, decorating homes, eating Christmas cake, singing Christmas carols, setting up of the Christmas tree and organizing family gatherings.

Christmas day in United Kingdom in 2022

On this day, people also dress as Santa Claus. Santa is popular old character who brings gifts for the children during the Christmas season. The real name of Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas. He is also called as Kris Kringle, Father Christmas and The Man with the Bag.

List of Holidays in United Kingdom in 2022

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FridayApril 15 2022Good Friday
MondayApril 18 2022Easter Monday
MondayMay 02 2022Early May Bank Holiday
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MondayAugust 29 2022Summer Bank Holiday
SundayDecember 25 2022Christmas Day
MondayDecember 26 2022Boxing Day
TuesdayDecember 27 2022Substitute Bank Holiday For Christmas Day