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Boxing Day in United Kingdom in 2022

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day comes on the second day of Christmas i.e. on 26th December every year. It is a holiday which is celebrated a day after the Christmas Day. It used to be a day when people used to give gifts to the poor.

Boxing day in United Kingdom in 2022

Being a public holiday in the United Kingdom, general offices, business houses, shops and schools remain closed on Boxing Day.

Traditionally, the name Boxing Day came from a day when the rich people used to box up gifts to give to the poor It used to be a day when masters used to give Christmas gift boxes to their servants or their household staff and this day used to be a day off for the servants so that they could go home and give Christmas box to their families. Now-a-days, Boxing Day is famous for a shopping holiday.

Boxing day in United Kingdom in 2022

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