Eid e Milad in India in 2022

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Eid e Milad in India

When is Eid e Milad in 2022?

Eid e Milad in 2022 is on the Thursday, 29th of October (29/10/2022).

Eid e Milad marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. It is also called as MiladunNabi and Mawlid. This day is celebrated in India as well as in most of the Muslim countries in the world. It is celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi-ulAwwal in the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar. Milad means birth and eid indicates festival hence Eid e Milad marks the festival of the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is the founder of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad is considered to be the last messenger and the greatest prophet of Islam, whom Allah himself has given the message of the Quran by the angel Gabriel.

On this day, religious leaders and scholars give speeches about the life and work of Prophet Muhammad. Some of the people also believe that this day not only signifies the birthday of Prophet Muhammad but also the day he had died. Some of the muslims in some countries keep fast on the daylight hours on this day. Many of them visit mosques to say prayers and listen to sermons.

Eid e Milad in India

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