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Flag Day in American Samoa in 2023

When is Flag Day in 2023?

Flag Day in 2023 is observed on April 17th every year. There are -236 days left for Flag Day this year.

Flag Day is an important holiday in American Samoa that celebrates the territory's culture, history, and identity. It is observed on April 17th every year, and it commemorates the adoption of the official flag of American Samoa in 1960.

The flag of American Samoa features a bald eagle and a traditional Samoan emblem on a blue background. It is a symbol of the unique blend of American and Samoan cultures that characterizes the territory.

On Flag Day in American Samoa, many people participate in parades, traditional dances, and other cultural events. Schools and government offices are closed, and many businesses and organizations also observe the holiday.

One of the most notable events on Flag Day is the fautasi race, a traditional boat race that is held in the harbor of Pago Pago. The race features large canoes that are manned by rowers, and it is a time of fierce competition and community celebration.

Overall, Flag Day is an important holiday in American Samoa that celebrates the unique culture and history of the territory. It is a time for people to come together and to honor the flag and the values that it represents, including community, tradition, and pride.

Flag Day Observances

YearWeek DayDateHoliday NameHoliday Type
2019WednesdayApril 17, 2019Flag DayPublic Holiday
2020FridayApril 17, 2020Flag DayPublic Holiday
2021SaturdayApril 17, 2021Flag DayPublic Holiday
2022MondayApril 18, 2022Flag DayPublic Holiday
2023MondayApril 17, 2023Flag DayPublic Holiday
2024WednesdayApril 17, 2024Flag DayPublic Holiday
2025ThursdayApril 17, 2025Flag DayPublic Holiday