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Each vehicle is identified by its unique registration number in India which is registered in the relevant Transport Authority according to the address of its owner. Each Transport Authority has been allotted specific series for registration of vehicles in order to trace the vehicle owner easily and maintained the record in respect of each vehicle.

Find list of RTO state code and state names below, where each state shows the number of RTO offices exist in particular state. In order to see state specific RTO codes, clicks on state name listed below.

RTO Codes of West Bengal

RTO State CodeDistrict NameNo.of RTO Offices
WBAlipurduar (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBAlipurduar (transport Vehicles)1
WBAsansol (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBAsansol (transport Vehicles)1
WBBalurghat (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBalurghat (transport Vehicles)1
WBBankura (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBankura (transport Vehicles)1
WBBarasat (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBarasat (transport Vehicles)1
WBBarrackpore (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBarrackpore (transport Vehicles)1
WBBirbhum (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBirbhum (transport Vehicles)1
WBBurdwan (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBBurdwan (transport Vehicles)1
WBContai (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBContai (transport Vehicles)1
WBCooch Behar (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBCooch Behar (transport Vehicles)1
WBDarjeeling (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBDarjeeling (transport Vehicles)1
WBDurgapur (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBDurgapur (transport Vehicles)1
WBHooghly (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBHooghly (other Than Transport Vehicles) - Exhausted1
WBHooghly (transport Vehicles)1
WBHowrah (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBHowrah (other Than Transport Vehicles) - Exhausted For 2w1
WBHowrah (transport Vehicles)1
WBHowrah ----------(to Be Used)1
WBJalpaiguri (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBJalpaiguri (transport Vehicles)1
WBKalimpong (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBKalimpong (transport Vehicles)1
WBKolkata (goods Carriages)1
WBKolkata (passenger Vehicles)1
WBKolkata (private Four-wheelers)1
WBKolkata (private Four-wheelers) - Exhausted1
WBKolkata (tractors Trailers Cranes)1
WBKolkata (two-wheelers)1
WBKolkata (two-wheelers) - Exhausted1
WBKolkata ----------(to Be Used)3
WBMalda (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBMalda (transport Vehicles)1
WBMidnapur (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBMidnapur (transport Vehicles)1
WBMurshidabad (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBMurshidabad (transport Vehicles)1
WBNadia (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBNadia (transport Vehicles)1
WBPurulia (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBPurulia (transport Vehicles)1
WBRaiganj (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBRaiganj (transport Vehicles)1
WBSiliguri (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBSiliguri (transport Vehicles)1
WBSouth 24 Parganas Alipore (transport Vehicles)1
WBSouth 24 Parganas Alipore(other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBTamluk (other Than Transport Vehicles)1
WBTamluk (transport Vehicles)1

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