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Select state, district and then place or city name from above dropdown to get accurate and updated PIN or ZIP code of post office in India. The selected ZIP/PIN code in Bihar , Bhagalpur , Aliganj S.o.

Pincode or Postal Index Number (PIN) is the number given to each post office by India Post or Indian Postal Service.

The PIN code is 6 digits long. First digit indicates the region, second digit indicates sub-region and third indicates the district. The last three digits refer to delivery post office.

The 812005 PIN Code is belong to bhagalpur district, bihar.

PIN Code Details

PIN CODE : 812005
STATE : Bihar
DISTRICT : Bhagalpur
TALUK : Jagdishpur
OFFICE : Aliganj S.o
HEAD OFFICE : Bhagalpur H.o
DIVISION : Division Patna Hq Bihar Circle

List of Post Offices with PIN code 812005

Post OfficeDistrict NamePincode
Aliganj S.oBhagalpur812005
Baijani B.oBhagalpur812005
Baluachak B.oBhagalpur812005
Burhanath B.oBhagalpur812005
Danda Bazar B.oBhagalpur812005
Gourachouki B.oBhagalpur812005
Habibpur B.oBhagalpur812005
Kajraili B.oBhagalpur812005
Khanjarpur B.oBhagalpur812005
Khiribandha B.oBhagalpur812005
Khutaha B.oBhagalpur812005
Mirjanhat S.oBhagalpur812005
Purnia B.oBhagalpur812005
S S Lane B.oBhagalpur812005
Sahjatpur B.oBhagalpur812005
Sanhouli B.oBhagalpur812005
Semaria B.oBhagalpur812005