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Driving Distance Calculator


Distance calculator is a tool for calculating distance between cities or places on map. Please write the origin and destination city name, choose the distance unit and press calculate. You can change the unit of distance any time you want, to miles, kilometers or meters.

The distance value is showing in "blue" box for driving distance, calculated in both kilometers and miles.

The distance calculator will suggest you an place names automatically, when you start typing from which you can select the place to calculate the distance.

Source Location: Enter source city or place name of starting point, where the distance calculation start from.

Destination Location: Enter destination city or place name of end point, where the distance calculation end with.

Distance Unit: Choose distance unit like kilometers, miles or meters to distance distance.

Kilometers (km): is the unit of length equal to 1000 meters or 0.62137 miles.

Miles (mi): is the unit of length equal to 1.60934 kilometers.

Distance Between Cities

Antigua-and-barbuda To Trinidad-and-tobago712 km (by air)
442 miles (by air)
Suriname To China15153 km (by air)
9416 miles (by air)
Kyrgyzstan To Tuvalu11617 km (by air)
7219 miles (by air)
Barisal To Saidpur495 km (12 hours 36 mins)
308 miles (12 hours 36 mins)
Jordan To Liberia5465 km (by air)
3396 miles (by air)
Austria To Antarctica13709 km (by air)
8518 miles (by air)
Georgia To Slovenia2289 km (by air)
1423 miles (by air)
Bangladesh To North-korea3927 km (by air)
2440 miles (by air)
Norway To Cyprus3339 km (by air)
2075 miles (by air)
Tirana To Permet235 km (3 hours 33 mins)
146 miles (3 hours 33 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To Gujarat-396195496 km (8 hours 15 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To Gujarat-3823301296 km (20 hours 44 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To Tamil-nadu-6380522019 km (1 day 15 hours)
Maharashtra-421302 To Gujarat-3961551382 km (23 hours 6 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To New-delhi1001 km (16 hours 15 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To Bengaluru2013 km (1 day 14 hours)
Maharashtra-421302 To Kolkata492 km (8 hours 10 mins)
Maharashtra-421302 To Ahmedabad148 km (3 hours 3 mins)
Norway To Vietnam9188 km (by air)
5709 miles (by air)
India To Mauritius5119 km (by air)
3181 miles (by air)
0 KM

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